Welcome to Bonners Ferry Yoga. Now offering a variety of yoga classes in different locations in Bonners Ferry, ID. See schedule for details. My yoga classes are for all levels. No prior experience is necessary.

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About me

     Hi, my name is Nadya. My journey into Yoga began nine years ago under the private tutelage of Angelie, a noted Russian instructor of the Ananda Marga style. I improved my knowledge of Yoga through books, endless personal practice, and from numerous other Russian teachers. I also organized several summer health retreats to an uninhabited Island  (O.Rikorda, O.Reyneke) where my associates and myself would practice fasting, yoga and all manner of the promotion of healthy living.
  Taking my pursuit of yoga to higher levels, I moved to America, where, after a year of extensive travel, I located a top rated school in California, Body Mind College where I spent a year with many excellent instructors, including the renowned Dr. Barry Green, (a Guinness record holder for the longest massage ever given). I studied massage, yoga, rebirthing, anatomy as well as the metaphysical aspects of the human mind and body. I participated in numerous Personal Body and Emotional Clearing retreats, often guiding and coaching others in their practice.

  Next I enrolled in a teacher training program at the Discovery Yoga Center of St. Augustine and studied under Deva Parnell, one of the original staff of Kripalu yoga in Massachusetts. The emphasis of my instruction was Kripalu yoga as well as learning general Hatha Yoga philosophy, anatomy, and physiology. I was taught effective, practical methods for designing classes, introducing new postures, clarifying details and guiding students into a deep, integrated yoga experience that balances physical alignment with a patient, reflective and compassionate attitude.

   I spent 4 years in Naples, Florida where I taught simultaneously at 3 different yoga schools further developing and refining my teaching. 

   My husband and I have recently decided to trade the hot steamy weather of Florida for the cool, crisp mountains of Idaho. We have now settled in Bonners Ferry where we intend to stay. I look forward to further developing my yoga practice and sharing my knowledge with others.

   My instructors and students alike complimented me on my confidence and communication with the class, as well as my ability to make students feel like they were having fun and being well taken care of.

   My mission as a yoga teacher is to provide atmosphere where students feel loved, accepted supported and comfortable. I inspire students to allow, let go and grow.